Friday, 21 December 2012

December 21st and the shortest day. Also the last radio show for this year.
Lots of new writers and people on the show this year including Lottie Jaimeson, Janet  from CMR, Steve Clark a new reader, Bill Mycock, Mervin Hall and so many more. It never fails to amaze me that there are always new people coming froward to share their talents .

The Emantee singers performed at Pasty day in Redruth and are going to be at St Pirans day too. They are such keen singers and it is great that they can be part of their community.

Babushka with words by Annie Foxglove and music by me was performed at M and T for two weeks running and was wonderfully well received especially the camels.

Likewise The Mermaid of Zennor which will be at Blantyre again after the holidays.

I am still writing little stories, the occasional rant about the dreadful people wielding machetes in the name of this government. I have a new rant for IDS. Also writing my little songs and hope to make a CD from them at some point.

The picture above is taken from our gangs performance at the John Harris day in Liskeard in October of this year. Me, Nickki, Allen and Annie in Liskeard public rooms.

Nadelik Lowen all.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Sorry to have been absent AGAIN. Needless to say more computer problems. Either I am jinxed or it is just not my year.
Anyhow, well done to all those who sent in a pasty story. Myrna and I didn't have time to read them all out on the show last week so the rest will be on October 26th.
This week it is Miss Foxglove and myself reading from Poetry review, the latsest edition so hope you can join us.
This week being September 29th.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Coming up on the show this week 17th August is Phil Ewing. Phil has been on the show many times reading other peoples work but she is on the show in her own right this week with her poetry.
Beautiful weather again today as I write this and unfortunately we will be back to the rain tomorrow.
I hope soon to be posting photos. Having not had a computer to use for so long, I have got out of practice . I have some great pictures to share. Unfortunately I am not on Facebook anymore so feel free to comment or contact via this blog.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Today, 10.8.2012, Bill Mycock is on the show. He has been recommended by Miss Foxglove and writes about his growing up on a farm in rural Staffordshire.
I have been out locally to the beautiful Fal river and her creeks. Reminds me of a lovely show we did some years ago at Trelissick with songs I'd written about the Fal. Penpol regatta on saturday was a real treat for those of you who have never been. The boats sail past right up to the quay and are so beautiful to watch. No St Mawes one designs this year but the sunbeams were there and so were the working boats and a lugger. I lived on boats for many years and it stays with you all the sense of the sea.The WI make the BEST cakes in the world and at only 50p a slice they are a real bargain. This week it is the start of the Falmouth regatta which lasts a long time and is pretty spectacular.
The Emantees are hoping to sing at Redruth pasty festival on 22nd september.with a special pasty song written for the occasion.We are all VERY excited about it.
Busy with rehearsals for forthcoming productions in St Ives and Liskeard.
Summer is here, if only briefly. It's now getting dark at 9pm so the days are drawing in. Enjoy it while you can mateys.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Hello me hearties, welcome back to my blog. Trials and tribulations which I will not bore you with but I have had no computer for months and having to use my dear husbands when he is not using it. However, I have decided to update the blog instead of Facebook so will direct you all here for what is happening.
Do the write thing is one year old and I have managed to have almost someone or something different every week. This week was young poet Craig Taylor Broad who as well as being a poet makes little videos which he uploads to Youtube. Have a look at his work as it is different and as he says offers a different view of cornwall.
Did you catch the peace camp at Godrevy? I didn't but everyone said it was spectacular.
Redruth is having a pasty festival and the Emantees singers are hoping to make an appearance.
News also for Blantyre theatre group they are putting on their next production of the mermaid of Zennor at the Keay theatre for christmas. next year they hope to be working with Doubletrees school.
Speaking of which, Doubletrees performance of the Bolshy ballets Swan lake and Nutcracker was a grand success. Phil did the stage and lighting set and it was truly fantastic, views of St Petersburg and the St Basils cathedral filled the stage. Thanks to all that took part and came to see it.
Morley Tamblyn lodge are working on their next production at the Keay, their Pantomime Charlie and the Chocolate factory.
Me and Ann Foxglove and Lizzie Stevens along with Miss Eliza Freespirit are going to be doing some singing  so watch this space for further developments. And Ann and I will be performing at St Ives festival in september. Whhooo!!
October 14th sees another outing for my opera about  John Harris at the Liskeard festival.
It's a busy time ahead for us me dears so Oll an gwella and see you soon.
Pauline Sheppard next week so do listen.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Ann Foxglove May 11th
We were treated to the delights of miss Foxglove today this time with some of her charming stories. Both of us went to norway square on 8th may for the St Ives festival and we had a grand time with a great audience and lovely weather. Bob organises this festival for literature in may and another in September at which Ann and i will be performing as  a duo so look out for that.
Meantime you can hear Anns show here
Thanks to Ann for her lovely songs and to Paul Farmer for the links.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

May 4th guest Paul Farmer
Todays guest was writer, poet, film maker and installation artist Paul Farmer. Music today was from Paul Farmer. Thanks to him for appearing on the programme. You can listen here:-

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

27th April, contributors special.

This week on the show 2 plays, one by Terry Lander called "Unfaithful conclusion" and one by Alexander Percy called "Tit for Tat". Also  two poems read by Jill Hoski and written by Anne Grego O'Hale called, "Pink Mountains" and "Arvon".
A story written by Richard Travers and read by Kevin Dodds called "The Crow". Music by Willy Wilson, LesMerton and the riverside singers and the Emantees from Reduth.
Thanks to Kevin and Thurstanand Jill for their reading. You can listen here

The show the week before with Jo Grande unfortunately did not record but we hope to have Jo on again before long.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

show 13th april

 The lovely Marj James from a sister show on St Austell Bay radio was on today. Marj read her peoms and we heard that she will be in Fowey library on may 17th tickets free. You can listen to the show here.

Music today from Perry St John, Les Merton, A39s and Willy Wilson and the boys.Photo courtesy of Paul Farmer.

Monday, 2 April 2012

friday 30th march

You can hear rose Taylors show now on the archive at

Also the recommendations from myrna Combellack How not to write a novel published by Penguin, Isabelle Allendes' House of spirits and Nicholas williams cornish translation of the cult of relics.
music today from Paul Farmers New Reed, Willy Wilsons Steam trains, miss Ann Foxglove and Kelly Pritchards in search of the snow leopard.

Roses book Dragonhead station is available from her web site and will be available on amazon from 30th April on kindle.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

march 30th Rose Taylor

Rose is a young writer from St Agnes coming on the show this week along with regular contributor, Myrna Combellack.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

March 23rd

 On Do the write thing, Dawn Sirley with her memoirs of growing up in the 50s and 60s in Cornwall.  How things have changed and judging by the feedback, it brought back memories for a lot of people who can remember what life was like then. Dawn was the eldest of eight and her tales of keeping goats and rabbits were a pleasure to hear.
Music from New Reed, poetry loops all by Paul Farmer. Other music by Willy Wilson, Miss Ann Foxglove and Perry St John.

March 21st

What another triumph for the Blantyre drama group at the Keay today. Such a lot of energy and enthusiasm and that is just the audience!!
The theatre was standig room only and everyone pulled together to make it look easy though we all knew what hard work went into it!!
Well done to everyone and thanks to those who helped make it possible.

March 16th

In the studio today, Roger Radcliffe from StAgnes. He gave us some great poems and he is also curator of the St Agnes museum. You can visit the museum for free and also buy his book whilst you are there.
Music today from Bob Devereux, Konteth Karrek choir and Willy Wilson.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Eden storyteller Diana Mullis March 7th

This week we had Diana Mullis from the Eden storytellers in the studio and she brought two of her tales in the oral tradition of storytelling. Music was from the A39s, Willy Wilson, Bert Biscoe and Konteth Karrek choir.
To listen to this showplease click on the link below.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

St Pirrans special march 2nd

In the studio we had Bronia, Nikki, Ali and Allen. Niki and Bronia were two of Allens creations, Dorcas and Lulu, cornish ladies of a certain age.
We had all the cornish songs plus stories from me and Ali.
No show last week due to me having a truly awful bug.
Hopefully we will have the lovely Marge on again in a few weeks.
To listen to the show click on the link below

Monday, 20 February 2012

Peter Pan at the Keay.16th february.

What a great performance from the morley Drama group today.
Wonderful costumes by Jane, the guys lookedfabulous.
For a first show at the Keay, the audience was at least half full.
It all went swimmingly and soon to come will be a pcture when I get one.
Can't wait till the next one.
Well done!!

meriasek feb 17th

The first part of the Camborne play was read by Kevin, Phil and David in the studio today.
This is one of the few remaining plays left that were performed in Playing places, or plain an gwarry, all over Cornwall. They had a religious theme but were very like mummers plays.
This play was translated by Myrna combellack and was first performed in the 80s in St Pauls church Truro directed by Gerry Finch.
All three parts are included in the book which is available to buyfrom Dyllansow Truran.

Monday, 13 February 2012

friday 10th feb

On the show today were Miss Ann Foxglove and Myrna Croome.
Ann read some of her new poetry and stories ispired by the writing group. Myrna did a book review with the little red writing book, the levelling sea by Philip Marsden and how not to write a novel.
We had music and poetry from Les Merton, Bob Devereux, Paul Farmer and Jim KIng.

This week sees the pantomime, "peter Pan" at the Keay theatre in St Austell. It should be a good one. Starts at 1.45 on thursday pm.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Saturday 4th feb

Two things about today.
Storytelling for national library day involved me reading and telling stories. Most of the kids wereVERY young but all took part in Jack and the beanstalk including a baby who played the lady who gives Jack the magic beans in exchange for his cow. Her mum said she liked cows. Emu made an appearance to some delight and some fear! It was the usual chaos but as I am used to that it doesn't worry me if they wander off mid sentance. Stayed the whole 2 hours.
This evening compered the GOT edition of the X factor although it was more GOT talent! There was a huge amount of talent though ranging from being Dr Who to piano playing and a tiny lad as James Morrison. Nice venue and great atmosphere. There was cake too, always a good sign! More cake, especially fruit cake.
I think I may be in the paper next week.

Anita and Ali's show Feb 3rd 2012

Anita and Ali read some great stories today on the show and both said how creative writing in education had helped them both. They both said how they would have written anyway but that courses had helped them to take and give criticism to their own and othrs work. Anitas poem will be in the next issue of poetry cornwall and is out in march.
There was music today from Keith Wilson in Bissoe blues, Bob Devereux and his poem Oak and Paul Farmer Fire in marakesh from his film New Reed.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Terry Lander

Catch some of Terry's stories, first heard on "Do the write thing",  on Youtube here at
They are illustrated by his dear little children. Look out later this year on the programme for Terry's plays which we will be broadcasting in oe of our theatrical specials.

show january 21st

These blogs are out of order, very sorry for that.
Todays guest was Mr Graham Eccles from bude who excellently entertained with his performance poetry. You can catch it on the archive now at
Graham travels everywhere by hitching! I supose if you live in Bude and don't have a car you must do something to get around. He recited mostly from heart, the best way of course.
If you want to listen to more of his wonderful poetry go to Write out loud web site.
I hope he will come back and do some more for us.
Music today from Les merton and the moontones, Bert and willy wilson.
My apologies for not writing this blog already but I lost the password and it didn't want to give it me back!


This weeks guest was author Nigel milliner from Tregony. His book Edge of a long shadow is published by Palores press here in Redruth at 11a Penryn street at £7.95. He also read from his forthcoming book, Cow barn, sleeps 6 which is due out in a few months.
The delightful Myrna came in to do her book review for this month and again there were 2 to choose from. She recommended cold mountain, a tale of the american civil war and any more information on those please contact this blog for details. Soon we will have pictures again. My computer, Cedric, has been unwell so had to have all his vitals removed therefore at the moment I can't load anymore pictures but here's an old one to keep you entertained till then.
Music today was from Willy Wilson and his boys and Bert Biscoe. The links wereby the very talented Mr Paul Farmer. Don't forget to check the web site of the new CMR and catch up what is happening there soon.

Friday, 13 January 2012

friday 13ths show number I've lost count of.

Plays read today were as follows:- Wreckage, by Miss Ann Foxglove.
Shop of What by Paul Farmer.
Taxi by Caroline Palmer.
Layers by sue Farmer.
They were read by Phil Ewing, Helen Rule and Kevin Dodds. A splendid time was had by all except me who was dead worried about the sound effects.
Music today was by Paul Farmer, Les Merton and Bert and Pol.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Friday 13th jan.

No slasher fiction today but instead we have 4 plays from the pens of cornish writers Ann Foxglove, Caroline Palmer, Sue Farmer and Paul Farmer. Ably acted by Miss Philomena Ewing, Mr Kevin Dodds and Miss Helen Rule. Join us for a thespian afternoon at 3.30.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Twelfth night

Massive thanks to Helen and Phil for their reading today of Twelfth night. Also to Ann Foxglove for her enetertaining poetry corner. She introduced us to some new performance poets.
Thnaks too to A39s and Konteth Karrek choir for their music and also to Keith Wilson and Bob Devereux. Listen again on sunday from 5 to 6.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

show 6th january 2012

This week it is Twelfth night so it should be apt that we are having extracts from that play by the Bard himself. These will be beautifully read by Mr Phil Jacobs and Miss Helen Rule. We are also delighted to have another poetry corner with Miss Ann Foxglove who will be playing her latest poetry finds.
Plus music from Konteth Karrek choir, Keith Wilson and the Twangsters, see them on Youtube, and the A39s. What more could you wish for folks. Newyearolicious.