Thursday, 24 November 2011

Dates for Pol and Bert

Our guest Pol Hodge last week is performing all over Cornwall in the next few weeks with Bert Biscoe as Dew Vardh. You can catch them at:-
Truro WI - Truro City Bowls 2-12-11, 7.00pm
St Agnes Old Cornwall, 6-12-11, 7.00pm
Perranuthnoe WI, 9-12-11,
Budock WI, 14-12-11,

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Show number 18 november 25th

This week we are having actors Sue Visick, Alan Forster and Kevin Dodds to read work sent in to the show. The writers are Alexandra Diamond, Miriam Moerno Perez, Richard Travers, Duncan Burge and Anita D Hunt. We will also be having the usual mix of music and listings form our regulars so hope you can catch the show at 3.30 and don't forget the repeat on sunday at 5.
Me looking worried on a train to Penzance and believe it or not this was not summer but that very nice weekend we had in october.

Friday, 18 November 2011

show number 17 I think

Terrific showwith Pol today. I have had some great feeback from listeners and don't forget you can listen again on sunday 5 till 6. Music played was Hanterhir, a local band from Redruth and I will keep trying to find out where you can obtain the CD. Also music and poetry from Dew Vardh by Pol and Bert and from the death of detail by Mr Paul Farmer. Song also by Paul Farmer from the film Give me back my body.
Picture of Dartmouth.Pol was talking of Devonwall so Ithought I'd add a picture of Devon.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

coming up November 18th

Poetry a la Pol Hodge. Pol writes in Kernewek, the cornish language, and he is a pretty impressive performer as well as  a powerful poet.I hope to also play something from his and his co performer Bert Biscoes CD if I can locate it! If anyone has been to my house they will kow it is disorganised but I know where everyhing is!
Look forward to you listening in on friday. We will have the usual mix of music and a story from me and the listings for the week.

Monday, 14 November 2011

I think its show 16 november 14th.

We were treated to the impressive poetry of Abi Wyatt this week. Abi runs a group for writers at Krowji in redruth and is a published poet. She started writing again when she became ill and has carried on from there.
We also listened to Bob Devereux and the riverside singers as well as the Emantees from Murdoch and Trevithick.
News coming up soon of shows for Christmas and beyond.
And a nice pcture to remind us of the summer. Actually, don't tell anyone but this is a picture of St Marys bay in Devon!! Mr Paul Farmer is walking along the beach which recently had a rock fall.

show november 7th

Sorry to have missed this blog but my computer had MAJOR problems which Paul Farmer kindly sorted over a weekend. Thanks to him for that.
Sandra from St Agnesbrought tales of her mother and life in London in the sixties forworking class people.
It mademe think of my lovely grandparents and their scullery and outside toilet which they shared with Rose who lived upstairs in her flat. Times have changed in my lifetime. Their rooms were stuffed with furniture and they had an ancient gas fire and a bureau that took up the whole wall. They kept chocolate init and we children, me and my brother, would stare and stare at this bureau willing them to give us chocolate! I was nasty to their cat Whiskey, pulled his tail so I'm told so he avoided me. The things you remember! It was great to have her stories on the show and the usual mix of music from our favourite local artista, Les Merton and  Kelly Pritchard.