Sunday, 29 January 2012

Terry Lander

Catch some of Terry's stories, first heard on "Do the write thing",  on Youtube here at
They are illustrated by his dear little children. Look out later this year on the programme for Terry's plays which we will be broadcasting in oe of our theatrical specials.

show january 21st

These blogs are out of order, very sorry for that.
Todays guest was Mr Graham Eccles from bude who excellently entertained with his performance poetry. You can catch it on the archive now at
Graham travels everywhere by hitching! I supose if you live in Bude and don't have a car you must do something to get around. He recited mostly from heart, the best way of course.
If you want to listen to more of his wonderful poetry go to Write out loud web site.
I hope he will come back and do some more for us.
Music today from Les merton and the moontones, Bert and willy wilson.
My apologies for not writing this blog already but I lost the password and it didn't want to give it me back!


This weeks guest was author Nigel milliner from Tregony. His book Edge of a long shadow is published by Palores press here in Redruth at 11a Penryn street at £7.95. He also read from his forthcoming book, Cow barn, sleeps 6 which is due out in a few months.
The delightful Myrna came in to do her book review for this month and again there were 2 to choose from. She recommended cold mountain, a tale of the american civil war and any more information on those please contact this blog for details. Soon we will have pictures again. My computer, Cedric, has been unwell so had to have all his vitals removed therefore at the moment I can't load anymore pictures but here's an old one to keep you entertained till then.
Music today was from Willy Wilson and his boys and Bert Biscoe. The links wereby the very talented Mr Paul Farmer. Don't forget to check the web site of the new CMR and catch up what is happening there soon.

Friday, 13 January 2012

friday 13ths show number I've lost count of.

Plays read today were as follows:- Wreckage, by Miss Ann Foxglove.
Shop of What by Paul Farmer.
Taxi by Caroline Palmer.
Layers by sue Farmer.
They were read by Phil Ewing, Helen Rule and Kevin Dodds. A splendid time was had by all except me who was dead worried about the sound effects.
Music today was by Paul Farmer, Les Merton and Bert and Pol.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Friday 13th jan.

No slasher fiction today but instead we have 4 plays from the pens of cornish writers Ann Foxglove, Caroline Palmer, Sue Farmer and Paul Farmer. Ably acted by Miss Philomena Ewing, Mr Kevin Dodds and Miss Helen Rule. Join us for a thespian afternoon at 3.30.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Twelfth night

Massive thanks to Helen and Phil for their reading today of Twelfth night. Also to Ann Foxglove for her enetertaining poetry corner. She introduced us to some new performance poets.
Thnaks too to A39s and Konteth Karrek choir for their music and also to Keith Wilson and Bob Devereux. Listen again on sunday from 5 to 6.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

show 6th january 2012

This week it is Twelfth night so it should be apt that we are having extracts from that play by the Bard himself. These will be beautifully read by Mr Phil Jacobs and Miss Helen Rule. We are also delighted to have another poetry corner with Miss Ann Foxglove who will be playing her latest poetry finds.
Plus music from Konteth Karrek choir, Keith Wilson and the Twangsters, see them on Youtube, and the A39s. What more could you wish for folks. Newyearolicious.