Sunday, 14 July 2013

What's been happening this week folks?
On the radio we've had Abi Wyatt with her new poetry collections and I played music by Les Merton and his Beat Reality and also the sound of Fable which is Kyla and Noel.
This week also was our show at the keay which came off ok. With so many people in it everything went very smoothly and not too much anxiety for all concerned.
I was on Mike Browns soundscape on saturday, playing some of my songs. Studio was VERY hot and I was praying the strings wouldn't go out of tune so hopefully they didn't. Will post some tracks here when i have them.
You can listen to Kevins show from July 5th here
Weather hot, who could ask for more from our lovely Cornish summer.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Hi everyone, been off for the last seven months due to a dodgy computer but now with my trusty laptop I am back in action.
Lots of things happened but today July 10th 2013 we are off tho the Keay theatre with our new performance "Ye Shen and the dragons".
This time performing with doubletrees school and around 40 children it really promises to be  exciting.
Radio show has changed and is now called "Words on Friday".
Our little gropu performed John Harris twice and we are agina performing at the Penzance Litfest on 21st July with miss Annie Foxglove, Miss Nikki Reid and myself.
More news soon.